China's die steel industry will have greater room for development


Die steel is one of the important material production mold, under the mold industry to promote the development of die steel industry is relatively rapid, demand is also increasing, especially in high-grade plastic mold steel, mold steel demand will continue to increase.
It is understood that the mold belongs to consumables, large amount. According to the research report, the automotive industry for more than 90% of the parts from the mold forming, while using cold and hot working die steel, plastic, die per million cars consume 0.12 tons of household appliance industry; 80% parts by molding, with the largest amount of plastic mold steel.
The next 5 years, China's die steel industry will have greater room for development, especially in high-end product areas. The future, domestic high-end mold steel will gradually import substitution. For China's large iron and steel enterprises, the future development of mold steel industry to do research on the following aspects: first, strengthening the basic theory research, improving the quality and performance of die steel; secondly, the implementation of diverse varieties of mold steel specifications, fine materials and products; again, accelerate the application of information technology to improve the row production specialization; at the same time, we should focus on the development of plastic mold steel, in the high-end route, establish brand mold steel and steel store sales model innovation, and constantly promote the development of domestic die steel industry.

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