Discussion on the development of intelligent auto parts mould


For the development of the industry, the market is the most important, the better development of the market in order to reflect the most direct trend of the industry's good and bad. At present, with the improvement of all aspects of the mold industry and the improvement of Chinese auto parts have been on the right track, and toward a higher direction, recently, experts from the Department learned that the current auto parts mold problems mainly in the following aspects.
Development of intelligent auto parts mold industry to achieve rapid development
Although the market situation is not optimistic, but there is still a turn for the better. Since the beginning of the global financial crisis, according to the fact that the key enterprises in the global auto parts mold industry are higher than the general enterprises, the China Association revised the relevant assessment rules. Improved evaluation criteria.
It is reported that with the continuous development of China's low-cost human resources difficult to continue and the level of science and technology is an important development direction of automation and intelligent manufacturing is bound to become the modern manufacturing industry, intelligent auto parts mold also will be rapid development. The production of products with intelligent auto parts moulds can further improve product quality and production efficiency, make more materials, and realize automatic production and green manufacturing.
Therefore, intelligent auto parts mold while the current total is not much, but it represents the development direction of the new auto parts mold technology, will play an increasingly important role in the transformation of industry structure adjustment and development mode. Intelligent auto parts mold development, is bound to promote the rapid ascension of the entire auto mould industry level play a leading role, so strong, in the development of the industry to give priority to the development of intelligent auto parts mold is necessary.
The development of intelligent auto parts mold, not only is a new requirement of manufacturing of auto parts mold industry, auto parts mold industry at the same time it is also the further development of the driving force, therefore, it will become the future direction of auto parts mold industry.
If you want to get the biggest development that produce products must meet the following three points in auto parts mold industry: do, do fine, and stronger, this is not just for auto parts mold industry enterprises, the highest purpose is also applicable to various industries in the production of its products to be followed.